Son's Romanizer

McCune-Reischauer Romanization

  • This Romanization algorithm is designed according to the documents of the Library of Congress, Korean Romanization and Word Division
  • Characteristics
    • This tool analyzes morphemes and automatically applies word spacing according to part-of-speech
    • Exceptions to the conversion algorithm can be entered into the library separately and processed.
      Use [roman and modification request]
    • The idioms are written using spacing according to their spelling relationship.
    • The converted result can be conveniently used with the [Copy] button.
    • If you want to convert Korean Han'gul characters to Latin characters, you need to check the [Applying Word division rules] button.
  • Notice
    • When a person's name has two letters, it can not be recognized as a person's name when analyzing a morpheme.
      ex) It can not distinguish poet '고은' and actor '한고은'
    • This tool is designed to transliterate Korean Han’gul characters to Latin characters. Due to many exceptions and spacing issues, you should double check the results of this tool before applying them to your records.